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Time after time, software teams struggle with one major problem - filling the gap between design and development. While designers have limited understanding of technical feasibility, developers lack knowledge on how to make engaging and easy-to-use user interfaces.

Creating a successful digital product today requires more than just choosing button colors or writing clean code - it's about creating an experience. But finding a builder who is able to combine design and development into innovative experiences is like looking for a unicorn - until now.

Zuzze is a user-centred design and development studio created by Susanna Nevalainen, a Frontend Engineer and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Designer. Over the past decade, Susanna has built engaging experiences from 0-1 in the Silicon Valley and Europe. With the help of a holistic product development approach, she empathizes with the needs of the business, users, designers, and developers. This allows her to build user experiences that empower users as well as the team along the way. See full story

Diagram of skills Zuzze has: Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Visual Design, and Business Innovation and Emerging Technologies.

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Solving problems that matter

Zuzze identifies users’ pain points and validates business ideas by applying strategic design thinking mindset already before implementation. Your time is valuable, and you should not waste it on developing features that no one will use.

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Building intuitive UX

Bad user experience is the most common reason for customer drop-offs. By tailoring UIs to user's mental models and usability guidelines, Zuzze minimizes users’ cognitive overload, creating logical and user-friendly solutions that convert.

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Making UIs shine

Zuzze's eye-catching 3D & 2D visual user interface (UI) design helps to level up your brand recognition and ensure your product stands out from the competition.

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Bridging design and development

Zuzze works as a harmonizing link between design and dev teams and often designs as well as codes the whole user-facing product from scratch bringing the release date closer than ever.

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Working smarter, not harder

Transparent collaboration and automation are key principles at Zuzze to optimize efficiency. Processes are streamlined by leveraging AI and automation tools to maximize product development outcomes.

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list of services

Case Studies

case study of reality capture app Reality cloud studio for Hexagon

Open case study

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ReactTypescriptNext.jsStripeGraphqlFigmaAdobe Creative CloudStorybookReact Material UIThree.jsVue.jsBlenderAngularUnityUnreal EngineSplineFramerGSAP Green Sock Animation Platform

What other people say

"Susanna was an exceptional member of our team, demonstrating unparalleled proficiency and creativity as a UX Designer and Frontend Engineer. Her intuitive designs and innovative solutions consistently elevated our web products, ensuring user-friendly experiences that drove customer engagement. Beyond her technical skills, Susanna's collaborative spirit and communication savviness greatly enriched our team dynamic."
Merlin Fischer

Merlin Fischer

Frontend Lead at Hexagon Digital Reality

"Susanna is an exceptionally talented engineer with impeccable time management skills. During our collaboration on building digital products at Y-Combinator startup SafetyWing, she consistently delivered high-quality work within tight deadlines. As a designer, I greatly appreciated her ability to keep me inspired throughout the process while maintaining a rigorous quality assurance process that reflects her commitment to excellence. Susanna's technical expertise, coupled with her keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to quality, makes her an invaluable asset to any project."
Namira Abdulgani

Namira Abdulgani

AI Creative Lead at Consiglieri

"Collaborating with Susanna at Alpiq's cleanTech incubator Oyster Lab was productive and rewarding. Her expertise and dedication ensured our projects' success and fulfillment."
Simon Dagneaux

Simon Dagneaux

Design Lead Mobile Banking UBS

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